Cymdeithas Hanesyddol

Historical Society

Programme 2017

13 January 2017

Annual General Meeting

Clive Bennett – The Work of the LHS

Colin Wheldon James – The Decline of Capital Punishment in the Nineteenth Century

10 February 2017

Mike Evans

Ryan Davies: Star of Stage and Screen

10 March 2017

Paul Reynolds

George Stephenson and Llansamlet

21 April 2017

Jean Williams

Chelsea Art and the Swansea Valley

12 May 2017

Bill Zajac

Neath Abbey

9 June 2017

Elizabeth Belcham

Swansea’s Bad Girls

14 July 2017

Bernard Lewis

A Day in the Swansea Workhouse

Unfortunately, Bernard Lewis was unable to present his talk on this occasion. Instead, we had:

Colin Wheldon James

Poverty and Poor Relief in Swansea

All talks at 2.30pm at the Trallwn Community Centre, unless otherwise stated

11 August 2017

Gwilym Games

Swansea Sea Stories

8 September 2017

John & Rosemary Blyth

Victorian Magic Lanterns

13 October 2017

John Powell

Let’s Go to the Pictures in Swansea

10 November 2017

Ray Savage

World War Two and how it affected ordinary people

12 November 2017

Remembrance Service – 10.45am at Primrose Park

8 December 2017

Christmas Buffet

2.30pm at Trallwn Community Centre